Yin Yoga Certification Course

For students and teachers!

Learn all you wanted to know about Yin and How Your Body Functions.

You will also disocver:

- Founders and Key People behind Yin Yoga
- Functional Anatomy and how it applies to Sequencing
- History and Evolution of Yin Theory from Yoga Theory
- Meridian Theory explained with detailed examples of how each organ affects the the physcial body, the emotions and the mental thoughts.
- What is Energy and How the Connective tissue affects each Meridians in yin poses.
- How to share stories and spiritual humor in your practice or teaching.

This course comes with:

- Video and Audio Yin Yoga Classes for personal use
- Flash Cards with Sequence for hip, knees, low back and general practice.
- Functional anatomy videos that explain how the the body works differently in each person.
- Full-length yoga movie for inspiration.

At the end of the course you can receive a Certificate of Completion.

Yoga Alliance registered teachers are eligible for 50 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours. 

Yin Yoga Certification Course

Yin Yoga Course for Yoga Students and Yoga Teachers. With over 20 hours of educational videos, audio and video Yin Classes, and much more!

$497.00 USD