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Certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Courses and Trainings


Yin Yoga Certification Course

For students and teachers! Learn all you wanted to know about Yin and How Your Body Functio...

$497.00 USD

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Secrets & Evolution of Yin Yoga Poses

The benefits of Yin Yoga are scientific and have direct relation to your organs which affect your emotional and pysic...

$97.00 USD

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Yin Yoga Video to Increase Your Flexibility

This 16 min Yin Yoga classs is so powerful in changing your health, sleep and happiness. Yes! In just 16 minutes you...

$1.00 USD

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Yin Yoga Sequence Card

What is Yin Yoga? This question is asked a lot by students who have been practicing yoga for a while but have never ...

$500.00 USD

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"How Yin Yoga Healed my Student's Knee" - A Must Have Yoga Book

Imagine that when you try and stand up again, you CAN'T! Well, that is what happened to Elina Sinisalo, the co-write...

$7.00 USD

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Be The Best Yoga Teacher Book

If You Want to Be the Best Yoga Teacher Yoga Can Be, this is the Only Book You Need! In this book you will lear...

$47.00 USD

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Best Hot Flow Yoga Class

BikYasa is the best Hot Flow Yoga today! The perfect balance of Hot 26 and Vinyasa, modern music and silence.

$15.97 USD

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