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Yin Yoga Certification Course

For students and teachers! Learn all you wanted to know about yin and more: - Founders and Key people behind Yin Yo...

$497.00 USD

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Secrets & Evolution of Yin Yoga Poses

The benefits of Yin Yoga are scientific and have direct relation to your organs which affect your emotional and pysic...

$97.00 USD

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"How Yin Yoga Healed my Student's Knee" - A Must Have Yoga Book

Imagine that when you try and stand up again, you CAN'T! Well, that is what happened to Elina Sinisalo, the co-write...

$1.00 USD

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Yin Yoga Video to Increase Your Flexibility

This 16 min Yin Yoga classs is so powerful in changing your health, sleep and happiness. Yes! In just 16 minutes you...

$1.00 USD

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Yin Yoga Sequence Card

What is Yin Yoga? This question is asked a lot by students who have been practicing yoga for a while but have never ...


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Products, Classes, and Courses to Become a Great Yoga Student or Teacher

Yin Yoga Courses

Yin Yoga Courses, videos, books and flash cards that unravel the history and secrets behind the function of each organ on the body, perfected sequences for different major joints, and practices that strengthen your practice or teaching!

You will find these selections of Yin Yoga Courses to be unique, groundbreaking and packed with content that is sure to make you excel!

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Programs

You don't have to be a Yoga Teacher to enjoy these Courses!

Contact Gabe if you want to get Certified.

GabeYoga 200 and 300 Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training Programs are the BEST in the world.

Many of these courses have been filmed during live training.

With unparalleled access to old and new material, videos and movies, these courses will make you a Star Teacher!

GabeYoga Coaching

Are you a studio owner or want to become one?

GabeYoga's coaching have increased revenue for multiple studios around the world, as well as significantly simplified operating issues and costs for others.

Looking for answers to yoga or wellness difficulties?

Contact Gabe to help you achieve the success and lifestyle you seek.

Yoga Flash Cards

It's hard to make a great Yin Yoga Sequence!

So why struggle?

GabeYoga has them ready for you, in PDF format, with postures on one page and insightful goodies on the next.

GabeYoga Books

Pick Up GabeYoga's book at a hugely reduced prices here.

’Stories from the Mat’

‘How Yin Yoga Healed his Student's Knee’

and the upcoming title ‘So You want to Teach Hot Flow Yoga?’

Audio and Video Classes

A great Yoga Classes goes beyond healing the body.

It inspires the rest of the day.

GabeYoga's Audio and Video Classes do that and more.

Be sure to download his classes and watch for upcoming interviews, videos and more!