GabeYoga Yin Yoga CourseIn today's multi style, and multi access to Yoga, what are YOU LOOKING for?

- Are you looking to strat your practice safely with the best guidance and sequences our there today?
- Learn from an instcruror with over 20 years of expeirnece, who has lived in India, Thailand and has helped countless studios achieve success and hundreds of studnets become teahers?
- Discover the deeper meaning of yoga, history and philosophy. Learn what makes a powerful teacher (or public speaker), why yin yoga is so incredible for the joints, how to teach the most popular hot yoga flow class today?

Welcome to GabeYoga and Wellness courses, coaching and access to master mind group.

Gabe ability to easily and clearly describe 'why' some classes move us deeply both physically and emotionally, while others do not, will transform your practice, your teaching skills, your confidence and student retention.