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Explore Khanom with GabeYoga

Gabe is supporting Aava Resort & Spa as their Wellness Director as well as Khanom Yoga Retreat Center Operating Director.

Yoga, Fitness, Wellness Retreat

Immerse yourself in rejuvenating practices, serene landscapes, and expert guidance.
Elevate your well-being with us.
Your path to holistic health starts here.

March 23 - 29, 2024

Yoga Fitness & Wellness Retreat

Yoga Teacher Training

Immerse in a transformative odyssey with Gabe.
Elevate your practice and embark on a comprehensive 200hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at the enchanting Khanom Yoga Retreat Center.
Your journey to teaching excellence begins here

June 3 - 26, 2024

Yoga Teacher Training

Gabe & David Thai Massage Heavenly Retreat

Join Gabe and David for an extraordinary Thai Massage Heavenly Retreat, an immersive experience nestled in the heart of Thailand's tranquil beauty.
Indulge in rejuvenating Thai massage practices, set against the serene backdrop of Khanom Beach

Oct 11 - 18, 2024

Thai Massage Retreat

Practice, Study, Grow

GabeYoga home base is in Thailand where he is the operating Director of Khanom Yoga Retreat Center in Southern Thailand.
If you would like to collaborate, invite, or practice with GabeYoga, send us an email to '[email protected]' or DM us on FB or IG.